Lumbal spinal stenos

Our research group works with clinical studies on the treatment of spinal stenosis in the lumbar region. This mainly affects the elderly and is the most common reason for lumbar surgery. The condition causes compression of the nerve structures in the spinal column and is becoming increasingly common with an ageing population.  The most common symptoms include impaired functional ability with back and leg pain and walking difficulties.

The group includes: Peter Försth, Thomas Carlsson, Konstantinos Pazarlis, Bengt Sandén and Karl Michaëlsson.

The group's current research includes three primary specialisations

Register-based research

Observational studies of several registers. E.g., Swespine (= national spine registry) and the patient register.

Swedish Spinal Stenosis Study

RCT where single decompression surgery is compared with decompression and concomitant fusion (arthrodesis). The 2-year results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine 2016. Analyses continue using radiological results and longitudinal clinical results.


RCT where decompression surgery is compared with a non-surgical intervention with structured training. In addition to PROMs, one important outcome measure comes from the neurophysiological examination conducted during inclusion and follow-up.

Last modified: 2021-03-02